Indigo Mind Project: brain music for meditation

The Indigo Mind Project is an aesthetically oriented, and easily navigable, system of musical representation of a user’s psycho-physiological state.

Through encouraging a mindfulness-inspired approach to self-monitoring via a meditative musical landscape the IMP system offers users a way to explore neuro-feedback through novel means – with the focus on meditation.

While mind and body wander, the Emotiv EPOC brain-computer interface reads fluctuating electro-encephalograph (EEG) signals and groups them into affective states such as ‘excitement’ or ‘meditation’. Values on these states – and their nuanced variations over dynamically varying time windows – are mapped to the different components of a multilayered soundscape made up of pre-composed audio loops.

As the user begins to grasp the relationship between their own state and the resulting sounds they can generate a free-scoring of music as they move through different psycho-physiological states and further seek to navigate their own musical path by attempting to regulate their level of arousal – effectively re-composing music at their will.