tout bouge (everything changes)

Produced in a small team and shot largely over a handful of sessions in central London, often under the cover of darkness, tout bouge is a short film that seeks to take a snapshot on routines of urban life at all scales: micro to societal; personal to anonymous. The plot explores the necessity of freedom of expression within a conflicted landscape of organisation and entropy.

Opening with time-lapse cinematography of London, and an abstract electroacoustic composition constructed from sounds of the city, we see and hear the city for what it is: a constantly moving and evolving body, but one that is defined by its own architecture.

Placed in the void of this metropolis is a human body, a dancer, battling to express her personal freedom. The viewer witnesses the movement and rhythm that arises from this individual’s fight against the oppressing nature of everyday urban patterns.

The conclusion to this perspective highlights an oft hidden underbelly of the city: scenes of urban decay co-existing alongside the flora and fauna of the city. The soundscape, constructed entirely from original field recordings, guides a journey through life and death. Sonically and visually nature is presented as a force to counter modern urbanity.

So the routines and social values which are endemic of urban human behaviour, and that stimulate our material development, are played out here against an awareness of spiritual and biological change.