My current research focuses on the interactions between mindfulness meditation and technology: looking at how technology holds the potential to be supportive of learning mindfulness, rather than a hindrance to it; and how methods from mindfulness training can be applied to investigating the user experience of technology.

I am presently working on an interactive, gesture-based mobile application that supports a beginner in learning to relax and focus on their natural breathing cycle, in the process developing a space for awareness of, and kindness towards, the automatic thought patterns – mind wandering – that arise in the mind.

Previous work of mine ranges from cognitive robotics to sound art, learning disability support to DJing.

If there is a common ground running though my various projects it is probably around sensory perception and the experience of the individual in the World.

I am a member of the EPSRC-funded MAT programme at Queen Mary University of London, pursuing a PhD since 2013 following completion of an MSc (distinction) in Media & Arts Technology in 2012-2013.