• Sanctuary

    Sanctuary is an ode to the comfort we find in unexpected places. It is a celebration of the forgotten but newly discovered, and of the view that the past can bring to the future. Shot over three years at Tivoli Woods, a small urban woodland with a hidden past. Tivoli Gardens – as they were…

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  • It'd been pissing it down


    It’d been pissing it down

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    It seems that notions of ‘affordable’ and ‘public’ will prove crucial to the nature of the rapid advancement of digital culture in East London–and likely elsewhere too.

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  • An(née)

    An(née) is a mimic… but a broken one. As you look at her, she attempts to mirror your facial expressions. As you speak, she tries in vain to understand and rephrase you. This is the janky end of the uncanny valley.

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